Awol - $249

Working closely with team rider Tristan Degen on this one, the idea behind the Awol was to create the ultimate swiss army knife of freeride boards. It's got it all. Symmetrical profile, perfectly angled kicktails, accelerated rocker to keep you locked in, and something not-so-widely-seen: bubble mounts. These act simultaneously as a microdrop and a functional w-concave. The bottom layer is a unique composite weave, a carbon fiber/kevlar hybrid. Yeah, the stuff that's used in bulletproof jackets. The Awol features a uniquely waterjetted foamcore, resulting in a significantly stronger construction and one mean appearance. This thing is serious folks. 


Length: 39.5”

Width: 9.75”  
Wheelbase: 23"-26"

Concave: 0.5" Progressive

Rocker: 0.4" Acclerated

Features: dual kicktails + bubble mounts + special kevlar hybrid


Comes pre-gripped