Downright amazing for flat gound tricks n slides. With its wide profile, symmetrical body, AND light-weight construction, you can't go wrong with the Discotek when it comes to tearing up the road with dancing and freestyle goodness. The multiple wheelbase options, perfectly in conjunction with its double kicktails makes this deck a freak in the streets. This 45" dancer is the holy grail of all dancers, the bee's knees, the kitties titties, and all that and a bag of chips. Plenty of room with a fat platform for days, enough to handle any and all fancy footwork thrown its way. The Discotek features a uniquely waterjetted foamcore, resulting in a significantly stronger construction and one mean appearance. 


Length: 45”

Width: 9.75”  
Wheelbase: 26"-28.5"

Concave: 0.5" 

Rocker: 0.25" 

Features: dual-kicktails & premium carbon fiber weave

Comes pre-gripped

Discotek- $325