The Hi5ber Habanero is one spicy little freestyle board. Coming in at 36", this deck is 3" shorter than its big brother, the Jalapeño. Both decks are very similar, however the Habanero just gives you that compactness you're looking for to get nimble and downright fiesty!

Length: 36”

Width: 9.75”  
Wheelbase: 23"-24"

Concave: 0.625" Progressive

Rocker: 0.33" (2.5° wedging angle)

Features: 0.625" radial microdrops + dual kicks + neon orange fiberglass bottom

Comes pre-gripped

Habanero- $250


Paris 180mm V2 50° Trucks


Seismic Urchin 70mm 82A Wheels




Zealous Built-In Bearings



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