The largest, widest modelof the infamous Ion cruising series from Hi5ber. The Ion-38 is the ultimate cruiser and all around fun deck to get you from point A to point B. This large cruiser gives you ample foot room, is easy on the feet, and is perfect for just about anything thrown its way. 


Length: 38”

Width: 10”  
Wheelbase: 22.25"

Concave: 0.5" 

Features: mild kicktail/nose & 3D flares

Comes pre-gripped

Ion-38- $270

Make it a Complete (Recommended Setup) - $373.95


Paris 180mm V2 50° Trucks



Seismic Cry Baby 64mm 88A Wheels (Red/Blue) 



Zealous Built-In Bearings



Braille Skateboarding Reviews the Ion