Team rider David "Apple Cheerio" Aparicio designed this board himself with one idea in mind: Downhill. Maybe two things in mind, considering how aesthetic this chariot is. Dubbed the "Lotus", this board features a purple mirage-like finish along with a unique "sandpile" W, aggressive racing concave AND finely tuned 3D flares throughout the board right where your feet need them. Since the Lotus flower is capable of growing in harsh conditions, even sand, it's only appropriate to name a moundlike w-dome the sandpile


Length: 36”

Width: 10”  
Wheelbase: 26"-27.5"

Concave: 0.75" dynamic concave

Rocker: 0.25" (0° wedging angle)

Features: sandpile W + 3D flares + purple carbon

Comes pre-gripped

Lotus - $230