The Phantom is something quite different from what we've done before, unlike anything available on the market in terms of high-end, high-performance composite boards. Utilizing the highly popular concave and standing platform of the Makako, the Phantom platform deck brings to life a whole new world of long distance pumping (LDP) skateboards. With its symmetrical shape, the nose and tail are designed to be compatible with all the established forks or brackets, RKP or TKP trucks and wheels up to 85mm. The bottom layer is a hypnotizing composite weave, a carbon fiber/fiberglass hybrid black and white weave. Look at it too long and you'll go cross-eyed!  The Phantom features a uniquely waterjetted foamcore, resulting in a significantly stronger construction and one mean appearance. 


Length: 28”

Width: 10”  
Wheelbase: 25.5"-26.25"

Concave: 0.6" Variable Tub

Rocker: 0.5"

Comes pre-gripped

Phantom deck - $230

100% Carbon Fiber Pump Bracket Set (2) - $200


Paris 180mm 50° Trucks




Seismic 85mm Speedvents 78.5a Wheels

- $80


Zealous Built-In Bearings



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