Comes pre-gripped

Reaper 1 strengths.png

Reaper I

Reaper I- $260

The Reaper Double-Drop Series encompasses what the ultimate LDP board should be: Low, light, and comfortable for those long commutes. Our unique foamcore carbon fiber construction enables the board to provide optimal road feedback and noise dampening to ensure a smooth ride. With a 1 inch drop, some mild rocker, its featherweight cloudiness, and an ergonomic 0.5" of comfy elliptical concave, the Reaper will have you pushing and pumping for days. Each Reaper sports a unique foamcore style of cutouts, providing extra rigidity and finesse. The featured weave standard on the Reapers is shimmer-like unidirectional carbon fiber weave where pictures cannot simply do it justice. 


Length: 32.5”

Width: 9.25”  
Wheelbase: 26.8"

Concave: 0.5" Elliptical

Rocker: 0.15" Accelerated

Features: 1" radial drop w/ drop through fork nose

Make it a Complete (Recommended Setup) - $403.95

Paris 150mm RKP.jpg

Paris 150mm 50° Trucks


- $50



Zealous Built-In Bearings



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Reaper 1 strengths.png

Seismic 85mm Speedvents 78.5a Wheels

- $80