In 2011, Hi5ber emerged as a new company in South Florida with the goal in mind of innovating the growing sport of longboarding. We are a father-son, two-man operation with a passion for inventing, creating, and playing with big toys at our workshop.
Unlike using traditional methods with the product at hand, Hi5ber differentiates itself by utilizing an uncommon material that creates a stronger and lighter longboard, carbon fiber. The overall construction and specs of our boards offer several benefits. Hi5ber longboards are both lighter and stronger than a traditional wooden longboard, resulting in a more controlled, responsive experience for the rider. Possessing several skills and talents in key areas, we’re a dedicated team who wishes to produce high quality longboards at an affordable cost, so you, the rider, can get the ultimate experience.
After two years of extensive research and materials testing, we developed an extremely strong and lightweight product that we hope to revolutionize the action sport of longboarding. It has always been our mission to provide the highest quality composite skateboards at a competitive price relative to wood boards. As our process becomes more and more refined, we will pass on any savings to YOU.

Brian Shand - Owner

Brian is currently working full time at Hi5ber after having graduated Florida Atlantic University with a business degree in Business Administration. Taking on such duties such as 3D designing, manufacturing and prototyping, accounting, team manager, online marketing...yeah, you can say I have my hands quite full. But I'm loving every second of this journey and want to thank you all that have supported Hi5ber and share its awesomeness. 

David "Applecheerios" Aparicio

Tristan Degen

Candy Dungan