Meet the Overtaker's evil twin brother, the Undertaker. Built from the same juicy mold as the Overtaker, the Undertaker differs in that it is a half inch shorter, offers more wheelbase options, and sports a drop-thru forknose. Equipped with a crimson red and black carbon fiber/kevlar, anybody will feel this ominous presence hauling at them at ferocious speeds. Along with its microdrop and drop-thru mounting, the Undertaker sits nice and low to the ground making it near effortless to push around and an all around quiver killer!


Length: 34.5”

Width: 9.75”  
Wheelbase: 27.5"-28.5"

Concave: 0.625" progressive concave

Rocker: 0.5" (0° wedging angle)

Features: drop-thru forknose + 3D flares + 0.33" microdrops + red/black carbon/kevlar

Comes pre-gripped

Undertaker - $275