Quite easily the most advanced deck produced by Hi5ber, HANDS DOWN. We're calling it the Wasp and it sports a premium carbon fiber honeycomb weave. A distinct advantage to the Wasp is its 3D CNC-machined foamcore construction with 0° mounting throughout the wheelbases; even though the rear wheelbases are located on the unique spoontail kick. This is a serious board designed to pump and maneuver like it's nobody's business. The Wasp is absolutely perfect for Maryhill and wiggling in between cones.


Length: 32”

Width: 9”  
Wheelbase: 18.25-20.25"

Concave: Aggressive Radial + Spoontail Kick

Features: Premium Carbon Fiber Honeycomb weave, Total 0° mounting, 3D CNC-machined foamcore

Wasp - $300